Printhead Selection (In Digital Pigment Printing On Cotton)


Pigment ink printing is a good choice for customers who want to print in an office environment. Now it is becoming increasingly popular both in China and globally.

Here are the differences between Starfire and Decoh or even Epson printheads;

1. The Starfire head length is 6.5 cm, slightly longer than the Ricoh (which is 5.4 cm) head. However, this does not mean that their speed is faster than Ricoh printhead machines. You can easily compare, the Ricoh machine speed with the same head and the same ink is 300 m2, and with the Starfire head machine it is 130 m2.

2. The ink dot size is 12 pl for the Starfire-SC series and 7 pl for the Ricoh Gen5e head. Ricoh heads have more advantages for printing sharpness. Therefore, in multi-color patterns, the Ricoh printhead has a 100% advantage.

3. Starfire is the only head that can be repaired, Ricoh can't do that. The service life of the Ricoh head with pigment ink is about 1.5-2 years, and there are also those who use the head for 3 years (with good care).

4. Due to the large ink point, the Starfire head will consume more ink during printing. And this head is more popular in carpet printing, which does not have fine details.

As a result, the Starfire head is not a cost-effective printhead.

The Epson head is not an industrial printhead, but it is a printhead that is used with pigment ink and has a good printing sharpness. However, the service life of the head is very short. The height of the Rioch head can be up to 4 cm, there are even those who use the Ricoh head to print carpets.

The Ricoh head is more robust compared to the Epson or Kyocera head.