Advantages of Digital Pigment Printing in Feature Printing


Pigment digital printing is a new developing printing technology. While ensuring the printing quality, it pays attention to protecting the environment, saving time and reducing sewage discharge. Compared with the traditional printing process, the pigment digital printing process has many advantages.

Firstly, environmentally friendly water-based paint is used in pigment ink, which does not contain harmful substances and is environmentally friendly. In traditional paint printing, organic solvents are usually used, which will produce a lot of toxic wastewater and waste gases during the production process, causing serious pollution to the environment.

Even in reactive digital printing, there are processes that take a long time, excessive use of water and electrical energy with steam fixation, washing and Ram.

The water-based paint used in pigment digital printing can decompose quickly, which greatly reduces sewage discharge, reduces the waste of water resources, and helps to protect the ecological environment.

Secondly, the pigment production process saves time and is effective. Stereotype making of traditional printing, drying, etc. while it has to go through many laborious stages, such as, pigment digital printing only needs to be completed in one go on the printing press, which reduces process and labor costs and greatly improves production efficiency. . In addition, pigment digital printing can also reduce wastewater discharge by 80%. Due to the use of high-tech digital printing technology, the printing is printed directly on the fabric, reducing the need for washing steps in the traditional printing process, thereby reducing the formation of a large amount of harmful wastewater and protecting water resources.

To summarize, pigment solutions have the characteristics of environmental protection, time saving, less waste water discharge and less process and are a sustainable printing technology. It is believed that with the advancement of technology and the development of environmental protection awareness, digital pigment printing will be used more widely in the textile printing industry.